The Time is Now

Never before has there been a more compelling time and a more urgent need to disrupt and transform the way we deliver healthcare to the people of our planet. The traditional healthcare system is simply unsustainable despite the phenomenal efforts of everyone within the ecosystem in putting their shoulder to the wheel.


So what do we do about it?

  • We deeply believe that at least part of the solution lies in harnessing the potential of "exponential technologies" through the power of "exponential thinking".
  • Our whole focus has got to change from traditional hospital based doctor focused solution.
  • We want to leverage health informatics to create compelling, personalised, digital and mobile solutions for the stakeholders of the wider ecosystem.
  • We are focused on empowering the individual to take ownership of their personal well-being.

What will you get from Health Founders?

  • Immersion among like-minded individuals and teams who want to make a difference.
  • A place to sit and share ideas with your own desk and IT infrastructure from which to launch or grow your idea.

  • Intimate contact with a bubbling ecosystem of committed mentors, world class universities and science parks, highly educated and high risk Investor Angels, VC and Private Equity investors and phenomenally supportive Government agencies such as Enterprise Ireland, Invest NI and CorkBic.

  • An amazing bunch of highly motivated seasoned entrepreneurs from across all sectors ( through Johnny’s Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of The Year Alumni) many of which share rich domain specific knowledge and experience from within the healthcare space.